E-BOOK or Hard Copy?


Mainstreets and city centres are using effective management and marketing strategies to strike back against the competition to deliver successful outcomes for the community and themselves. Shopping centres have enjoyed unprecedented levels of success for more than 50 years and in some cases they have shifted the heart of the local community away from the mainstreet by offering thousands of free car parks, air conditioning and a pristine shopping environment. This book contains many strategies to make your mainstreet competitive and successful. 

‘Mainstreet Management : Successful Retail Strategies’ shows you how to adapt successful strategies used by shopping centres for the benefit of your mainstreet or city centre. The book also explains how to engage property owners, retailers and Council by developing a collective vision and working towards improving the business environment and customer experience. The book includes practical information about managing mainstreets and city centres, and overcoming challenges created by diverse environments and features examples and case studies supported by practical and effective strategies that you can apply to your mainstreet and city centre.

Mainstreet managers, business district managers and government staff can take the lead for their local communities by adopting the best management practices available in the world today.

I have provided many examples of management methods used inside shopping centres and applied them to a mainstreet setting to lift standards, improve business and attract more customers. In this book you will discover how to engage businesses, improve the business mix, effectively promote your mainstreet and deliver events and it demonstrates how to implement responsible governance processes and how to measure results and celebrate success.